Term 4 Newsletter

26, September 2018

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New Program 4 – 5 year olds Starting Saturday 21st July 2018!

11, July 2018

Click on link below: STC00257 Tennis for Kids A4 Flyer 1

NEW Facebook Page

23, April 2018

Sandgate Tennis  has a  new Facebook page, like follow as another way of staying informed!!!!!!

Children Group Classes

17, April 2018

Necessary for ALL children wanting to excel 5 – 7 yr old  2 x 1 hr lessons each week Total  $27.00 8 – 18 yr old 2 x 1 hr lessons each week Total  $30.75 Pay on arrival, weekly or by term Contact the office for any further enquires on 3269 7783

Easter Holiday Clinic

26, March 2018

Intense Easter Holiday Clinic starts Tuesday 10th April 2018 and continues through to Friday 13th April 2018, with varying times for specific levels. For any enquires please contact the office on 3269 7783 or Kyle 0452 452 004.

John Frawley Coaching

23, November 2017

The former world no.30 ATP tour professional player is now coaching at Sandgate Tennis. With his extensive knowledge and experience of the game he is a welcome addition to our professional coaching staff. For all enquires regarding coaching contact the office on 3269 7783 or Brett Plant 0418 726 346

The wrist take back

20, June 2014

All good Tennis strokes requires early wrist take back during the backswing phase. The strokes that are most likely to have this is the forehand groundstroke, backhand groundstroke and the volley. Be careful though not to perform this movement too late in the backswing phase, wrong use of this take back can cause wristy and Read more

Future Development Upgrade

12, June 2014

We now have the final stages of DA happening for our 1st court upgrade. Court 9 will be on its way commencing very shortly. Please feel welcome to view our full master plan at our main clubhouse or see below. Click here to enlarge preview.